Michael P. Kube-McDowell
Michael P. Kube-McDowell

Michael P. Kube-McDowell has been called "the finest new writer of cosmic science fiction in twenty years" and his writing praised as "reminiscent of Arthur C. Clarke at his best." After growing up in southern New Jersey, Kube-McDowell came to MSU as a National Merit Scholar and graduated in 1976.

His first novel, Emprise, launched the thousand year "Trigon Disunity" future history, and was a finalist for the Philip K. Dick Award. His most acclaimed novel to date, The Quiet Pools, was a Book-of-the-Month selection and nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Novel.

A prolific writer of both short stories and novels, Kube-McDowell has been featured in Analog, Asimov's Amazing, Rod Serling's Twilight Zone, and Fantasy and Science Fiction, as well as the anthologies "After the Flames" and "Perpetual Light". Three of his stories have been adapted as episodes of the TV series "Tales From the Darkside". He has also dabbled in music, written for television, been a stringer for a daily newspaper, and published short fiction, reviews, assorted nonfiction and erotica. He was honored for teaching excellence by the 1985 White House Commission on Presidential Scholars.


Kube-McDowell was an instructor in MSU's internationally famous Clarion Science Fiction Workshop (http://www.msu.edu/~clarion/). Outside of science fiction, he is the author of more than 500 non-fiction and news articles on subjects ranging from space careers to "scientific creationism" to an award-winning four-part series on the state of American education.

For more information on Michael Kube-McDowell, please visit his website: http://kube-mcdowell.com or http://www.sff.net/people/K-Mac/

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