Pamela Ditchoff

October 8, 1999

Pamela Ditchoff

Pamela Ditchoff is the author of The Mirror of Monsters and Prodigies: A Novel. This "semifictional" oral history of midgets, giants, conjoined twins, hermaphrodites, and other human oddities mixes fact and fiction to tell the tales of these people from their point of view. Like a nightmarish daydream or a hazy trip through a carnival freak show, Ditchoff's book suggests that its pages are mirrors and the reader should think again before deciding which images are truly monstrous. Her latest novel, Seven Days and Seven Sins, like a modern-day Our Town, explores the subtle tragedies and the hope for redemption, tucked deep inside every house in a banal suburban neighborhood.


Pamela Ditchoff resides in Lansing, Michigan.

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