Laura Apol

September 30, 2005

Laura Apol
Laura Apol's poetry has appeared in numerous anthologies and literary journals, including a full-length collection, Falling into Grace. Her co-edited collection for young readers, Learning to Live in the World: Earth Poems by William Stafford, was the winner of a Hungry Mind Book of Distinction Award. Apol's book, Crossing the Ladder of Sun, won a 2004 Oklahoma Book Award.

Apol has a Ph.D. from the University of Iowa and is an Associate Professor of Education at Michigan State University.


"Crossing the Ladder of the Sun" engages the reader in complex and subtle questions about desire, loss, hope, eros, and ecology…Each poem is carefully sustained in tone, imagery, and feeling; each poem is characterized by a love for the delicacy and sturdiness of language. These are poems that know their connections to the rhythms of the heart.” -Carl Leggo, author of Views from My Mother’s House

To hear Apol read from her own work, please visit the Vincent Voice Library, here.

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